The History of the Pastore Name

The Italian surname Pastore is of occupational origin, derived from the type of profession or job pursued by the original bearer of this surname. In this instance, we also have the word "pastore" in Italian with the meaning of "shepherd".

Common variants of this surname are Pastori, Pastor and Pastoressa. There are also plenty of alterations like Pastorello, Pastrello, Pastorelli, Pastorella, Pastorino, and Pastorini.

Pastore is a surname which can be found all over Italy, specially in the region of Campania, while Pastoreino is typical of Liguria. Pastoressa comes from Puglia and Pastrello is mainly found in Venice.

From the point of view of its etymology this surname comes from the Latin words "pastorius" or "pastorino". Pastor is the first Italian word derived from the Latin "pastorius" and it was recorded for the first time around the thirteeth century.

Such a common surname means that there are no records available which could tell us about the place of origin. It probably appeared in several places at the same time, spreading very quickly all over the country, due to the fact that it would have been adopted by many people since being a shepherd was one of the most popular and oldest occupations of the world. FREE 14 Day Trial Subscription