How to Choose Landscaping Plants

There are rules and considerations in picking plants to be put in your landscaping. Well technically, you can plant any type of plant because who will stop you, right? But chances are, those plants might not be the best fit for a specific type of landscaping, or it might not stand the extremes of the outdoors. Research and consultations will always be the wisest thing to do. This guide will give recommendations on how to choose plants that will your landscaping.

Landscaping Plants


Shrubs can be categorized according to their purpose, seasonality, flowering or non-flowering, and fast-growers. Shrubs are great to be used as a foundation because they are thick, solid, and won’t require much maintenance. But some shrubs can grow really tall like trees. Careful considerations and selection should be done. A great example of a shrub that most people like is roses. They are attractive to the eyes and to other senses as well. They are a well-known shrub in landscaping and they come in different styles and colors if you don’t prefer the classic red.


Everyone makes mistakes. That’s just a part of life. But when it comes to landscaping and trees, there’s just little to none. If a tree has been planted on the wrong part of the landscape or the yard, it can cause troubles later on. One tree will cost more to get removed compared to when it was planted. Imagine misplacing two. It can be disastrous. One should also consider the type of tree to be planted. Some trees are slow-growers. You need to know what to expect from them before they surprise you. They can be classified as shade trees, fast-growing trees, dwarf trees, evergreen trees, or flowering trees.


Vines can be great to look at. They are versatile and resilient. But they can overgrow and will be all over the place. Maintaining them can be torture. Like shrubs, they are also categorized according to their uses.


Some cover plants are foliage plants. They don’t have the greatest flower display, but they make up for it with their magnificent leaves. But the demand for ground cover plants that both have beautiful flowers and leaves and resistant soil erosion became high and starting to make way in modern landscaping.


These plants are favored because they come up every year. Their flowers are lovely and they only require low maintenance. They can be classified into tall, short, or lasting bloom perennials.


There are three main uses for annuals and these are: as bedding plants, as decoration for US Memorial Day, and as needed decorations for a pop of color. But as like other plants, selection should be founded on sun or shade likings.


Other considerations are topography, geography, climate, type of soil, animal pest, etc. These are factors you need to consider other than the ones mentioned above. There are plants that are called “specialty plants” that can withstand two or more factors.

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